Tips For Buying Antiques At Auction

Are you thinking of buying antique items or looking to start a new collection? For a beginner, the world antique collecting can be highly overwhelming. It is very important that from the beginning you are aware of how to buy antiques and also make a proper choice so that you can save your precious time, money and energy.

Here are some valuable tips that you should follow before buying the antiques. Have a look at them below:

  • Learn About Various Antiques

Before you look to make a purchase, it is important to know what all type of antiques is available on the market. Before searching, you should be able to identify whether it is a true antique, collectable, vintage or a near antique.


True antique is the one which is a century old. These are desirable antiques because of their rarity, age, and beauty. Near antique are around 80 to 99 years old. Collectables are the ones that are valued by collectors. Vintage is the collection of the collectables. Visiting auction houses that specialize in these items is a great way to find out more.

  • Look For The Special Interests

If you buy antiques based on your hobbies, you should choose the ones that match your personal interest. For example, if you are an art lover then you might look at collecting sculptures, paintings or some other piece of good art. The item’s value is totally dependent on brand, condition, and age of the item. Shopping around can also help you find a hidden gem, and pick up a collectable at a really good value price.

You can buy antiques from Philips Auctions who have been selling high-quality antiques including jewellery, furniture, glassware, silver and artwork for over 40 years. Being one of the best auction houses in Australia, you will find a fantastic range to choose from and all of the highest quality.

  • Research Well For Reselling

If you are looking to make money from these antiques in the future by reselling them then it is very important that you do proper research on valuable items. Go for the things that are of high interest to the people and are trendy in the market. It is important that high value items should be appraised so that in case of any loss or theft, your item’s amount is covered by insurance. Collecting out of fashion items is also an interesting strategy as you can pick the pieces up cheaper, with the hope you will make a big profit when they come back in fashion.


  • Always Set A Budget

Before bidding on an item at auction, it is important that you set a fixed amount on what you have decided to spend on the antiques. When you’re caught up in the action of a live sale, it can be easy to let your emotions get the better of you and pay more than you normally would. Having a set budget will restrain you from doing so. Keep a fixed fund for it and do not exceed it in at any cost.

  • Check The Antique’s Condition

There are certain quality checks that must be done before buying an antique. Do a proper check to determine the condition of an item before buying. This way you will be able to better identify its worth.

With all these tips, you can confidently go out and start buying antiques at auction and put together a collection that is valuable and fun.

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